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Since 2016

Seeking adventure 40 years ago with only a van and dog, the Dutch Zandwijk family started their own restaurant in Figueretes before moving north in 2005 and opening ‘On the Beach’ in Cala San Vicente. Four years ago a new opportunity arose to creating the island’s most famous family restaurant: The Boat House Ibiza.


Hidden in Cala San Vicente, in the far north of Ibiza, The Boat House Ibiza brings together both locals and tourists throughout the entire year.

What Matters to Us

Overlooking a lush golden beach and a stunning turquoise sea, amidst spectacular hills, this idyllic backdrop will make you want to enjoy long lazy summer lunches and delicious quality dishes in the evening while the sun sets after a wonderful, relaxing day.


Our menu is modern, organic and based on the freshest, local produce. Enjoy the local catch of the day, quality meat such as our Black Angus, or try one of our vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free dishes. Our extensive wine list, exquisite cocktails and homegrown sugar cane juice perfectly complement the food and stunning views.

“To share your food and spend time with your loved ones while enjoying the beach and sea views on a long, lazy summer day – that’s our idea of paradise.”

Zandwijk Family
Owners The Boat House Ibiza