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Our Chef

A passion for food

Creating dishes in his parent’s house from the age of 12, and going into culinary school at just 14 years old, The Boat House Ibiza’s Executive Chef Marco Dipatrizi was destined to be a chef. Born in Terni, Italy Marco has always had a passion for cooking. So much so, he often gets goosebumps when creating a new dish.

His passion for food brought Marco to the Vatican where for three years he served the Pope as Executive Chef during official dinners and large events. Always eager to learn more and to be inspired by new cultures, Marco moved abroad where he discovered new cuisines, dishes en spices when wandering the local food markets. He loves watching people create a local specialty and learning how to do it himself.

the Food Inventor

What sets Marco apart is his ability to mix different styles, cuisines and influences and turn them into a completely new dish. A true food inventor.

That’s why you won’t find any of the ‘Mediterranean fusion’ dishes from The Boat House Ibiza anywhere else. Marco’s specialty and personal favourite is the Arab Lebanese cuisine. Every day new ideas pop up in Marco’s head, inventing new dishes to further elevate the menu.

Meant to Be

In 2010 Marco felt something was missing in his life and he wanted a change. Then something brought him to Ibiza: destiny. One day early 2017 he saw an ad for The Boat House Ibiza who were looking to hire. It so happened Marco lived around the corner; therefore when walking the dog he decided to pass by the place… And the rest is history!

It immediately clicked with Jay, one of the family owners, as they share the same vision and know how to get things done. Marco also brought his experience along to systemise the kitchen. Preparation is key and Marco is the Preparation King; he sometimes leaves at midnight only to be back in the kitchen at 4.30 in the morning to prepare the desserts… and he loves doing it.

The end result is a very strong partnership and a unique & delicious menu with homemade local & fusion dishes from around the world that are hard to find anywhere else. But most importantly, you taste the love Marco puts in all of his creations.