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Between Dec 24-Jan 9: Mon-Fri from 10:00 hours | Sat-Sun from 09:30 hours
English breakfast€12.50
With bacon, fried egg, sausage, mushrooms, baked beans, toast and grilled tomatoes.
English muffin€9.00
With smoked salmon and a poached egg.
Brioche bread€9.00
With goat cheese, mushrooms & rucola.
With tuna salad, baby mozzarella and avocado.
ToastFrom €3.00
With tomato, cheese, avocado, Iberian ham, Iberian ham & cheese or butter & jam.
Greek yoghurt€7.50
With chia, fresh fruit & granola.
Pancake with cream and chocolate€7.50
Pancake Maple syrup and wild berries€7.50
Pancake with bacon, tomato and a fried egg€9.50
Homemade cake of the day€5.90
Pastries of the day€2.50


Daily 12:00 AM - 23:00 PM
Hummus (VG) (GFO)€9.50
Varieties of hummus with Naan bread, chickpeas, Kalamata olives and dried tomatoes.
Homemade Alioli (V) (GFO)€6.50
Traditional and black truffle alioli, olives and tomato.
Labneh (V)€8.00
Lebanese bread with Yogurt cheese and spices.
Homemade springrolls (V)€9.00
Vegetarian Tacos (VG) (GF)€9.00
With onion, pepper, pineapple, guacamole and bell pepper.
Chicken Tacos€9.50
With chicken marinated in mustard; in Panko and peanuts crust.
NewAndalusian squid€14.00
Sirian Brazilian Kibbeh€9.00
Spiced meatballs.
NewTomato & Basil Bruschetta (V)€8.00
Nobashi Prawn€10.00
Prawns in Kataifi crust, with kimchi mayonnaise.
Lebanese lamb kofta€10.00
Baba Ganoush Giordano (VG) (GFO)€8.50
Eggplant puree, tomatoes, peppers, lime and mint served with Arabic bread.
Mini Burgers€9.50
French Fries (VG) (GF)€5.50


Daily 12:00 AM - 23:00 PM
Salmon & goat cheese salad€17.50
With fresh fruit.
Greek Salad (V) (GF)€14.50
Black olive crumbs, Kalamata olives, cucumber and feta cheese.
Boat House Caesar Salad€17.50
Marinated organic chicken and Shichimi Togarashi.
Capitan Salad (V) (VG) (GF)€16.50
Quinoa, soy beans, chickpeas & citronellas sauce.


Daily 12:00 AM - 23:00 PM
Burrata di Bufala (V) (GF)€15.50
With grilled peppers and basilicum pesto.
Moroccan Falafel (VG)€12.80
With Tahini sauce.
NewOctopus (GF)€16.00
With sweet potato, hummus and sobrasada from Ibiza.
Marinated Salmon Tataki€18.00
In Teriyaki sauce with 3 crispy sesame seeds and Mojito sorbet.
NewSalmon tartar€17.50
NewVegetarian tartar (V) (VG)€15.00
With couscous.


Daily 12:00 AM - 23:00 PM
Fish and Chips€16.50
With sauce Tartar (John Dory fish).
Squid ink tallarines€21.00
With calamari ragout and seafood.
Lebanese Falafel (V)€16.00
Served on pita bread.
Chicken Kebab€16.50
With Turkish pizza Lahmcun.
Spelt risotto (VG) (V)€16.00
With roasted vegetables and baby spinach.
NewGrilled squid€22.50
Potatoes and vegetables.
Paella melosa with Sea Food€22.50
Price per person - Minimum 2 people
Vegetarian Paella€17.50
Price per person - Minimum 2 people
NewChicken cajun€16.50
With rice.
Waygu Picanha Río Grande (GF)€28.00
Grilled Black Angus sirloin cap steak. Garnish: rice, French fries, roasted potatoes or salad.
Tomahawk Steak (1.3 kg) (GF)€79.00
Black Angus. Garnish: rice, French fries, roasted potatoes or salad.
Iberian Lamb Chops (GF)€26.50
Grilled, with mashed potatoes and black truffle.
Fresh Bolognese Tagliatelle€14.00
NewMalaysian rendang lamb curry€17.50
With basmati rice.
Fresh Fish from Cala San VicentePrice on request
Garnish: rice, french fries, roasted potatoes or salad.
“Boat House” Burger (GFO)€16.50
Gluten free bread options (8min baking time): Burger bun or bread roll +€2.20
Vegetarian Burger (V) (GFO)€15.00
Gluten free bread options (8min baking time): Burger bun or bread roll +€2.20
NewAubergines a la Parmigiana€13.50
With buffel mozarrella.


Tagliatelle Bolognese€9.00
Cordon Blue€8.00
With French fries.
With French fries or rice.
With French fries.


Daily 12:00 AM - 23:00 PM
Banofee Cheese cake€9.50
Mousse Labneh (GF)€9.00
With peanut butter & yogurt ice cream.
NewVegan Panna cotta (VG)€8.50
With coconut milk & pineapple coulis.
NewBaklava cheese cake€10.50
With pistachio.
NewVegan Yogurt Cake (VG) (V)€9.50
With pistachio & coconut ice cream. 100% vegan.
NewAlmond & Hazelnut Pralin Chocolate mousse€10.50
NewCannoli a la siciliana€9.50
NewTropical fresh fruit salad€13.50

(GF) Gluten Free (GFO) Gluten Free Option (V) Vegetarian (VG) Vegan



Enjoy one of our smoothies or fresh juices. Our fresh sugar cane juice is unique on the island, and homegrown in our own backyard. Besides its many health benefits, it simply tastes amazing and gives you a shot of instant energy.

For the true Spanish summer feel, do try our homemade sangrias, a delicious classic or special cocktail, or one of our local or international spirits.

Ask us for our wine list with a great selection of wines, cava and champagnes from Spain, Italy and France to pair with your dish.

Iced or hot, we serve all variations of happiness in a cup: coffee.